Strategic Planning Process

Change is constant ...


Your business or organization constantly faces new challenges, new goals for growth and performance, new shifts in the marketplace and operating environment, and perhaps new financial pressures ...

Your team, including your employees, your partners, and your suppliers, needs to be aligned on what these are, and how you will win.

Alignment can be challenging ...


The best teams include individuals with different skill sets, conflicting ideas on how things should be done, contrasting experiences and backgrounds on what works, and competing styles of communicating and operating ...

Success is maximized by getting the most out of these differences, with everyone working in the same direction on the same plan.

Strategic planning is necessary ...


We will facilitate development of goals, a plan, and a roadmap detailing:

  • What you will accomplish and why
  • How you will accomplish it and when 
  • What are the associated resources required and risks involved
  • Who owns which projects, processes, and support responsibilities 

We make the process simple ...


The planning approach starts with:

  • Exploration of organization's target market, current offerings, capabilities, and financial or other results
  • Data collection about the organization and each team member's definition of success and key obstacles
  • Brainstorming about success targets, obstacles, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

... to forge aligned momentum.


The planning process continues with:

  • Analysis of brainstorming to compile themes and synthesize goals and key risks
  • Review of proposed goals, determine priorities and timeframes
  • Identifying operational changes necessary for goal attainment
  • Projecting changes in financial or other results, and evident risks
  • Assigning owners for execution

YOUR goals, YOUR plan ....


The planning process deliverables include:

  • A set of prioritized, shared goals developed by your team, with all of their input
  • Timeframes and milestones for attainment of all goals
  • A roadmap of strategic and operational initiatives and projects with owners assigned to each 
  • Approach for managing the plan and measuring progress

 Here are highlights from the kickoff of a previous strategic planning process we guided ...