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The McCarroll Group

The McCarroll Group
business consulting & venture development

What We Can Help You Do


Develop A Strategic Plan For the Next Year or Multiple Years

Find out more about the details

Create New Products, Services, and Programs

Launch A New Business, Organization, or Department

Turnaround A Business or Boost Its Attractiveness for Investment or Acquisition

Diagnose Your Business Against New Goals or Shifts in the Marketplace

Translate Your Idea Into A Plan For Implementation

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning

Facilitate process for your team to develop shared goals, obstacles and risks, timeframes for attaining goals, strategic and operational projects and initiatives, and approach for executing the plan. 

Business Planning

Develop plan for translating your business concept to revenue. Includes prospectus, executive summary, product and organization plans, marketing and sales approach, financial model, and pitch deck. 

Product and Program Development

Develop product concepts, programs, and initiatives, and associated plans, for businesses and organizations seeking to build new offerings for their customers, constituents, or funding sources. 

Business and Financial Modeling

Develop model for your existing business or proposed venture to build financial projections. Model allows simulation of different scenarios to help make fully informed decisions.

Business Assessment or Diagnosis

Apply proven frameworks to help a business understand changes they need to make in order to meet specific goals. 

Evaluate markets, product offerings, processes/capabilities, and financials. 

Meeting or Retreat Facilitation

Facilitate working meetings and sessions for businesses or organizations to solve a problem, develop a plan, make critical decisions, or build alignment.