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The McCarroll Group

The McCarroll Group
business consulting & venture development


It all starts with an idea that something needs to change ...

Your unique puzzle ...

We can help you solve it.

About Us

What We Do

The McCarroll Group solves problems and creates opportunities for entrepreneurs, executives, and public leaders

seeking to achieve new and better outcomes for their businesses and organizations.

We bring decades of consulting experience; advising over 100 businesses in a variety of industries and helping them translate 

their ideas into plans, structure, and momentum, and onwards to new revenues or improved operations.

How We Do It


Our consulting services use proven frameworks to decide where to focus, devise marketing and product strategies, and define the necessary organizational capabilities, to achieve profitable breakthroughs for your organization.

We can also connect you with a broad network of contacts that provide the additional subject matter expertise  needed to help you reach your goals.

Solving your unique set of uncertainties ... your puzzle ... is our strength

When To Engage Us


  • You have a great idea, but don't know how to proceed
  • You need to raise money or attract investors
  • You need to quickly respond to a new opportunity
  • You are ready to prepare your company for acquisition or sale
  • There's been a threatening shift in the marketplace
  • There is misalignment between your departments
  • Your team doesn't know or agree with the strategy
  • The firm's results have plateaued
  • Your staff is constantly overwhelmed by the workload


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